colonial shutters

Our Colonial Shutters add beauty and value to your home. They are fully functional yet look decorative. They are permanently mounted and can be easily secured in the event of a storm.

Timeless traditional shutters provide beauty and protection. Crimesafe left permanently in place. The colonial screens look like regular screens but provide hurricane protection and security from intruders.

Colonial Shutters can be mounted to be fastened from the inside or outside of your home. Our Colonial Shutters are available in "Rated" and non-rated styles. They are also available with an optional bar down the center - this is called a "fake" style Colonial because the bar is purely decorative.

Colonial shutters are made of powder-coated aluminum and available in 23 colors, or choose your own custom color for an additional charge. They are custom made to fit your specificiations, and can be made to fit arched or eyebrow shaped windows. They are also available in bi-fold and tri-fold for larger windows.