hurricane protection

Make Your Windows Hurricane-Proof

Ask about the benefits of hurricane protection windows in Slidell & New Orleans, LA

Louisiana is in the heart of hurricane country. Don't wait until the storm is at your doorstep to try to protect your windows-get in touch with Slidell Shutters and Security today. We should be your top choice for all types of hurricane protection in Slidell & New Orleans, LA.

Our rated shutters meet all building codes and insurance requirements without compromising your curb appeal. Protection with design in mind.

Call us at 985-649-2991 now for additional details on all types of hurricane protection.

Protect your home with hurricane panels

Have you done enough to shield your windows from powerful hurricane-force winds? If you want more protection than traditional hurricane windows, you can depend on the pros at Slidell Shutters and Security to help. Our Slidell & New Orleans, LA crew specializes in hurricane panels.

We recommend hurricane panels because:

  • They're easy to install and simple to maintain.
  • We prepare panels on Gause Rd. in Slidell, LA, so time is never an issue.
  • They can protect your home from even the harshest storms.
If you're ready to add extra protection to your home, trust Slidell Shutters and Security to install your new hurricane protection windows or panels.